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They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. They also say don’t play with your food, though, so maybe they’re full of fish. That’s fine. We  trust our guts over fads when it comes to experimenting with recipes for the good life. 

We say there’s nothing like a fusion of different flavors to make a finger-licking, toe-curling, soul-serenading dish. A heady note of skepticism here, a heart-core splash of raw there, rounded off with a nutty af finish. Meet our team – and their sexiest fruit.

Feast Beasts



My first French kiss was made with a tenderly ripe persimmon. I let my juice drip on existence since. No knife, just life.



Collecting wild berries in the forests as a child taught me everything I know about love. It’s sweet, it stings, and there is never too much. 

Clara was fed by unsweetened expectations in life after being graduated from the top 10 best Masters in Management in the world.

Her path started as a business copywriter in Switzerland for a real-estate & stock-market company before co-creating a start-up in Paris, Animaux par Nature, specializing in natural health care for pets.

Cereal entrepreneur, she co-launched two other companies in Dakar, Senegal.

But most of that felt like eating an Häagen-Dazs: exciting on the first spoon but yucking on the 12th one. 

That’s why she now only focuses on what feels really zesty to her heart: We Feast with her favorite partner-in-lime Alina & her new solo project That’s Fucking Art, blending Art & Sexuality.

Oh and she uses “fuck” like she adds parsley to her tabbouleh: a lot. 

Ethical non-conformities:  abstract painting, ADHD jamming, surrealist poetry, 85% dark 🍫  memes, financial freedom recipes & NFT (Nice Fucking Talks).

Alina spent her first eight ‘adult’ years on a strictly academic diet, teaching and re-searching increasingly elusive answers to the nature and nurture of human evolution.

Following the death of her supervisor,  she left the ivory tower for the brave new world of personal transformation in 2019, when she quit her Ph.D. in cognitive anthropology and became a witch.

At least, she is pretty sure they would have burned her at the steak in the middle ages.

She has since trained as a couples & sex therapist, certified tantric bodyworker, and Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapie and now supports VIPs (very intelligent people) in making love with life, in her private practice as well as a psychedelic guide at legal psilocybin retreats.

Because she likes her table full, she also channels her spirit spice and bs-intolerance into curating unique experiences for sex & food enthusiasts with her We Feast partner-in-brine, Clara.

Existential kinks: tantra for psychonauts, mundane magic, pulp reality, raw romanticism, truth, twerk-life balance, & orgasms.

In the kitchen



Juicy slippery tongues of orange… pale and curvy sweet pear flesh… the soft and delicate skin of a fig. Even tart and crunchy passionfruit guts. Show me a fruity body I don’t desire…



How about anything you can pluck ripe from the tree, let me devour each sweet and juicy morsel so my lips are dripping and my hands are sticky. It goes without saying – the juicer and messier the better.

Helen is a culinary deviant who knows that playing with your food is half the fun. She dreams up edible experiences and dining events that delight the senses while exploring deeper themes of sensuality, sustainability, and the self.

After years as a creative producer in the UK, Helen spiced up her plate by becoming personal chef to artist Katharina Grosse in Berlin. Since then she has spent time rolling in the dirt in Canada and is now studying an MA in sustainable food systems in Brighton, UK. She thinks that carnal pleasure and loving the earth are a sexy pairing, and relishes cooking up sensual titbits and naughty morsels for We Feast. Sharing culinary affection with the feasters is the highlight of her calendar.

Helen continues to work with local and international organisations to whip up playful yet reflective food projects that connect people to both their internal and external worlds. Her insatiable appetite for creative bedfellows means there’s always room at her table.

Her personal heaven is allowing juice to dribble down your chin, to drizzle and pour with wild abandon, and never fret about sticky fingers.

Talita is an artist and chef, you can find her living somewhere between Berlin and the end of a dirt track on the west coast of Portugal. You guessed it, she’s a Gemini. Why not live and love it all, right?

She creates food gardens of earthly edible delights, sprawling landscapes of decadence and everything else in between. Whatever your heart and tummy desires she’s here for it.

Join her as she invites you to delve into the carnal edible pleasures and explore each lick, bite and trickle with all the abundance that plant-based goodness has to offer (mind you, do watch out for naughty hints of sweet sin).

Her passion for the arts and curation helps nurture a beautiful visual experience and a throbbing, sensual tickle for the taste buds. What really gets her going is opening mouths and going deep into new ways of seeing and experiencing food, through mindful fantasies, exploration and playfulness.

Outside of the boundaries and ‘rules’, We Feast delicately lends its beauty and lets Talita play with herself through delicious food  – free from the boundaries of convention. Let her invite you to the table to indulge in whatever way your appetite desires.

You’ll often find Talita getting down and dirty with garden veggies and tasting the glorious fruits of this beautiful earth. She is dreaming of connection with the elements, and some kinky farm to table play. She leaves you with this thought as a little amuse-bouche…what do you recall as your most sensual, memorable edible experience?

On the dancefloor



The sexiest fruit is and will forever be the strawberry. It is hairy but not. Perfect but never the same shape. Red like love and carries thousands of seeds in one go! Did you know that it’s actually (technically) a nut and part of the rose family? I just love diversity!



Have you ever peeled a Mango and then held this naked thing in your hand? The sweet nektar running down your skin, from the tips of your fingers all the way to your elbow. For me it is the commitment, going all-in, when I bite into the sweetest flesh. Slurping life. A full body experience 🙂

Thriving through the interplay of full dedication to & absolute control of our bodies, Florian is living his passion for and fascination of our earthships with every breathe he takes.

Being a traveler through many experiences, he arrived home in his body, working with it in (sex)education, somatic therapy specialized in trauma and summoning with all its powers, that we may re-connect to our gifted, unbreakable, vulnerable and juicy core.

Alexia has a deep, sensual approach to life, diving into the human experience with care, observation and a pinch of salt. As a Tantric Bodyworker, she uses conscious touch and conversations to facilitate sexual self-exploration and help others connect with themselves and each other. She draws inspiration from her own desires, insecurities, and experiences to create a safe and accepting environment for exploration and expression.

Embracing the unfolding of this bizarre life through “yummy love,” she finds her own, weird reactions to humanity  to be her greatest teacher.

She is a juicer/sucker for exploring various paths to uncover the full potential of our bodies, minds, and sexuality.

Whether through stimulating conversation or a sssshilent interaction, Alexia offers a variety of possibilities to explore with great care at WeFeast. She joined the team with a loud and proud “fuck yes!”