Because, duh.

Clara and Alina bring you the ultimate truth about life and sex.

Just kidding. With our project We Feast, we’re on a mission to emulsify sensuality and self-development, using food as medium. Our turn on? Spiritual growth without hacks, dogmas, or fear of eggshells.

Whether you’re a breatharian or omnivore, cook with vanilla or chilly, We Feast gathers human beans who like to write their own life & love recipes, and find that getting a ‘lil messy in the process is half the fun.

Where the wind blows…

These two nuts met at a Tantra Festival in Goa in 2020. Together, they share 6 666 taste buds, 4.5 university degrees, and 0 tolerance for bullshit. 

Among holier-than-thou goorus, obscure intentions behind white-washed robes, and binary gender dichotomies … they didn’t exactly find what we were looking for.

Intimate self-exploration for and with emotional samurais, sarcastic skeptics, & poetic pragmatists. Sacred S*xuality with new-agey gobbledygook a generous pinch of salt.

Tantra for heart-core spirits, synapses — and stomachs!

One wets the appetite for the other, don’t you find?

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