Hey world



makes you give a fuck.

Delicious ones, actually.

Love at First Bite is a DIY Feast. 

A feast, infused with your own juice. 


Host a bunch of curated cool beans who are enthusiastic about Sex & Food, right in your living room.


On a mission to

Authentic connection shouldn't be up to chance

Meet & connect to like minds on your couch. 

Intimacy with others begins with insight into yourself

Feed your brain to feel your body with our workshops & book digests.

Meet your tribe in your own Salon

Become a toast host

Cheese / Grilled 
Think  — but without the ad noise, data sharks, and conspiracy theorists.

Social media with substance.

What if your feed actually fed you?

Tap the hive mind: initiate polls, seek support, ask everything you always wanted to know about sex* (*but were afraid to).

Your one-stop shop for weird ideas, immodest memes, & mind-blending articles.


Dating* without a sub stance.

What if every swipe was a super-like?

Make friends, lovers, partners-in-brine: discover like minded people, make authentic connections in the comfort of your home, exchange books, recipes, fluids… your taste, your choice.

Home ain’t where we live. It’s who we click with.

Real Face Tea Time

Join our monthly member-only live calls.
Think Zoom — but without Karen as the manager.

e-Feast Dinners.

What if we brought our bowls to the table?

Once a mounth, we share a recipe. Cook alone, dine together. Laugh with friends you’ve never met. Play with food like you couldn’t imagine as a kid.

Gathering human beans to rice together. Ramen.


What if the best ideas lived between bedroom&kitchen?

Participate in open-source workshops, presentations and Q&As on sexuality, psychology, and art. Or propose one yourself. Sow serendipity without deepity. Add ooh!mami to others & your life.

Lettuce talk.

Dinner (play) party

Learn & Unlearn on the go.
Think Blinkist — for learning junkies with a juicy core.

Hosting is an incredibly rewarding experience! ❤️
You can expect to:

→ Create unique experiences that foster human connection

→ Meet some wonderful people & expand your network

→ Make some extra money

→ Practice your facilitation & public speaking skills

→ Build your personal brand

→ Discover a new career path

→ Be part of an awesome community of hosts around the 🌍

You’re won’t be alone. 

  • 2h live onboarding call with us & your cohort
  • a sensual cookbook to guide your evening  
  • Facilitator booklet
    • several invite templates
    • guide on participant selection
    • che(e)ck-lists (setting the table; logistics, materials; spaces)
    • opening & closing the space
    • consent exercises
    • connection exercises
    • meditations
    • workshop ideas
    • role of the host/power dynamics
    • proposed for  schedules of various spiciness levels to guide you through
    • do’s and dont’s on making people feel comfortable
    • aftercare tips and template
  • Chefs’ video tutorial on food do’s and dont’s
  • our playlists for different moments of the evening (entrance / meditation / sensual spaces)
  • a welcome kit box (Einhorn, the fig sensual card game, blindfolds, brushes; printed booklet) 
  • our network to promote your event (newsletter + Instagram) 
  • support / aftercare / monthly facilitator office hour
  • facilitator peer group on Telegram


  • decide the degree of spiciness
  • decide the number of Feasters you wish to host 
  • design the menu / get inspired (or not) by our cookbook
  • apply them with our reflection & discussion questions
  • become the most interesting person at any dinner play party
  • You’ve been intrigued by hosting play spaces
  • You like to cook 
  • You love to make ppl meet 
  • Have an interest in exploring sexuality in unconventional ways 
  • Love to hosts your friends at home 


  • fuck-for- all 

Your 🐒 mind will go 🍌🍌🍌!


If you don't pay for the product,
you are the product.


Don't let algorithms

yuck your yum.


Feel seen.
Not spied on.


Share intimate thoughts
in a wholesome space.


Conceived with ***

Fusion Cuisine: Tantra, meet 21st century minds

Empirical spiritual practice for urban pragmatists with a healthy dose of skepticism and a refined taste for quality. 

Sacred sexuality without new-agey gobbledygook /ˈɡɒb(ə)ldɪˌɡuːk/.

Deep talks. Deep connections. Dip deep.

We select those with the gonads to be vulnerable, the audacity to self-examine, and the maturity of will that authenticity requires.  

Is intellectual alchemy your kind of mind-fuck, too?

Food & Sex, because, duh!

Sex and eating are behaviorally and psychologically related and share cortical regions. Master the art of their connection to avoid being enslaved by either.

One wets the appetite for the other, don’t you find?

Psychology, Hands-On.​

Explore psychological developments with intellectual pears. We facilitate semi-structured conversations on intimacy, relationships & eudaimonia.

Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiosexual.

Spirit-Spice Art.

If: art is food & sex is art (as Picasso said) Sex is food. Crispy logic.

Thought-provoking thinkers. Cheeky poets. Toasting painters. Art to wet your panties.

Nuanced Nutrition for Embodied Brains

Because we become what we eat

Pop Corn Reviews

Your application in an artichoke

Let’s make zoom calls great again. 

🌶️ Step#1: Fill in a short application form

🌶️ Step#2: Book your personal 10 min interview. 

À la carte

Selected feasters will be 14 euros lighter each month. Lucky you!


Per month


Per month


Per month

Don’t let your desire get cold

Clara & Alina, We Feast co-founders

So, wanna join our table?

No prepayment required

🤯 🤯


Yes, nudity is implied in some parts. We’ll be comfortably dressed for the workshops of the day. As we get to know each other, our layers will naturally begin to peel. You will never be forced into anything that doesn’t feel right. That’s our #1 rule.

Let’s get this straight: this is not a free-for-all fuck-fest. It’s a celebration of life and an exploration of the fertile and underestimated fusion of food&sex. We treat sexuality as the integral & empowering ingredient that it is. We open a safe & refined sex-positive space in which anything (consensual) can and nothing has to happen.

Good that you ask! Sexual health is not something anybody should leave up to chance. Luckily, it’s really not that difficult to get it right. All material and information you might need to play and stay safe will be made available to you.

Sexual energy is universal. Humans are awesome when they’re expressing their authentic selves. That’s what we look to. You are welcome regardless of your tags & preferences.

Our menu is designed to be diverse and well-balanced, pleasing vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. We like it fresh and mainly organic. You will be asked to specify dietary/religious restrictions & food allergies once you sign up and we will cater to them.


“What do you think about Trump’s haircut?” & “What do you do?”. JUST KIDDING.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do. How do you do it? What do you love about it and how does it matter for the world? What do you care and are curious about? What tickles your pickle? Do you vibe with our application form? Then you’ll dig your private 20-minute zoom call with the two of us.

Short answer: In principle, abso-fucking-lutely! 

Long answer: You are two self-determined individuals who communicate consciously and are keen to expand your erotic space, as individuals as well as a couple? You will love this opportunity. The boundaries around sexual intimacy with others are for you to draw as a team. No pressure there. You’re territorial about your sexual space and frequently let jealousy get the better of you? Not a good fit. Willing but terrified? Let’s talk. Note: to keep the dynamics nice and fluid, we will limit the number of couples invited. Apply early!

Scenario 1: Welcome to the community! We’d love to feast with you in the future! You won’t have to reapply again.

Scenario 2: we see you, but can’t quite imagine feasting together for now. Alchemy’s a bitch sometimes.

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Other stuff

We don’t take anyone’s health and safety lightly and monitor all developments continuously. We have already limited our participant number and will continue to follow the mandated Covid-19 safety measures. Seeing how quickly the situation changes, we will notify you of the applicable measures 15 days before the event. (also check the refund policy)

  • Elaborate, home-cooked catering prepared from high-quality ingredients. Lunch, 4-course dinner menu, brunch as well as snacks and refreshments throughout the day
  • Over 10h of guided workshops by five brilliant facilitators
  • Sleeping accomodation in a shared space
  • Participative hors d’oeuvres before the event
  • Safer Sex materials

The privacy of your personal data and the confidentiality of whatever you share before, during, and after the Feast is a non-negotiable priority. What happens in the Feast stays in the Feast. We will never take pictures/videos without your consent, and will seek consent only through legally-binding release forms.

Life happens, we get it. Tell you what:


We can refund 50% of the full price if you cancel up to 10 days before the event. A positive Covid-19 test will of course get you a full refund past that date.

In the (completely unlikely) event that we have to cancel, you’ll obviously get all your €s back.

We love to hear from you. Please be aware that it can take us a while to respond to you. We like slow, asynchronous communication. 


Would you rather
have sex without a mind,
or eat without a body?

Yikes! Did we mention we're allergic to bullshit?