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A bold handmade brain-mad newsletter for Food & Sex enthusiasts. 

Every Thursday, we cook for you

Jam Cogitations

We journal with you, sharing our vulnerabilities, thoughts & weirdness.

On sex, life, nothingness, and Carbonara.

Toasted Art 

Non-orthodox bits of contemporary & folk erotic artworks.

We will share hand-picked favourites from our personal treasure trove of thought-provoking thinkers, poets & artists.

Just to wet your appetite. 


Ok, studies can be mindfucking stuff.

But understanding the dynamics of human psychology & sexuality also allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves and others.

Feaster’s personal art

Some readers get inspired to anonymously share artsy erotic pictures.

And we love to (consensually) publish them to celebrate the creativity of our community. 

Clara & Alina, We Feast co-founders

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