who said playing with food is bad?

nut us 🐿️

nor the other sex & food enthusiasts who join our exclusive events in Berlin...

Alina (left), Clara (right), Fruits (center), Angelo dal Bò (camera)

We met at the Goa Tantra Festival in 2020. Among holier-than-thou ‘gurus’, obscure intentions behind white-washed robes, and binary gender dichotomies … we didn’t exactly find what we were looking for:

🍒 Sensuality with a pinch of salt
🍒 Self-exploration without sugarcoating
🍒 Food for the heart-core spirit

So we decided to create the space that we would love to attend ourselves!


Finger-licking experiences

100% raw, faire-trade, & guilt-free

28 curated Feasters.

2 vegan artist chefs.

1 sex-positive weekend in Berlin.

Dive deep into intimate alchemy with your self and your intellectual pears. 🍐

But don’t take our word for it… 

A life-changing experience
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An amazingly beautiful, safe, creative, sensual, free space to explore. Beautiful souls and minds, super-skilled and genuinely dedicated facilitators. Truly a unique experience.
You won´t regret going to "We Feast"!
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I can't even describe it, go and experience it yourself. You won't regret it!
Emotional art masterpiece
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Get your heart open by nurturing it with body sensations, food, music, connections... An intimate masterpiece. A shared performance: 12 out of 10 points because I keep experiencing it even after it has finished I would repeat right now.



28 carefully-curated
bold and curious humans



A secret and swag venue
in central Berlin

7-8 December 2024

seats left

14-15 December 2024

seats left

Apply now to save your seat.

Argh, your favorite date is taken? Shouldn’t stop you from applying: our Waiting List is always open. 



Conceived with ***

Fusion Cuisine: Tantra,
meet 21st century minds

Empirical spiritual practice for the urban pragmatist with a healthy dose of skepticism and a refined taste for quality.

No self-proclaimed gurus.
No holier-than-thou bullshit.

Our team of 6 shares their favourite tools for intellectual & emotional exploration. Let’s play spiritual Lego, not cosmic Ego!

Deep Talks. Deep Connections.
Dip Deep.​

We select those with the gonads to be vulnerable, the audacity to self-examine, and the maturity of will that authenticity requires. 

And mouth-watering intimacy,
bien sûr.

We open a safe & refined sex-positive space in which anything (consensual) can and nothing has to happen. 


What's in Store?

pomegranate right

Sacred Sexuality without New-Agey Gobbledygook /ˈɡɒb(Ə)Ldɪˌɡuːk/.

Let your body articulate ancient tantric practices,
in your own language.

Psychology, hands-on (Tim).

Explore psychological developments with intellectual peers. We facilitate semi-structured conversations on intimacy, relationships & eudaimonia.

pomegranate left
pomegranate right

Food & Sex, because, duh! 

One wets the appetite for the other, don’t you find? Sex and eating are behaviorally and psychologically related and share cortical regions. Master the art of their connection to avoid being enslaved by either.

Pleasure is not nice, it’s life.

Dig-in, surrender to what your senses reveal and nourish your resilience. Our safe space permits it. Our handsome space enables it.
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pomegranate right


Replenish your stock through ecstatic dances, guided meditations & workshops. Sophisticated like umami or bold like sour, our wholesome menu caters to diverse taste buds.

Curated community.

Behold and be held, naked as you come. Enjoy communication that is spirited as air & substantial as earth. Intellectual alchemy is our kind of mind-fuck.
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What you'll have to find elsewhere

pomegranate right

Spiritual shortcuts.

Embrace uncertainty, paradox, complexity. Learn. Unlearn. Let’s fuck up, and laugh about it, together.


Deep shit might surface. That’s precious and we support your process. But we’re not here to poke about in old wounds or manufacture emotion.
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Sexual favours.

We own our desire & take responsibility for our private erotic space. We come to give and receive, not demand and defer.

Filtered flawlessness.

You’re beautiful. Warts, fears, extra baggage and all. We’re exclusive, not stupid.

pomegranate left
pomegranate right

Food fetishism.

We do like it wet and a lil messy, but we fantasize about food when we’re hungry, not horny.

Gluten-free condoms.

We just use the regular kinds. Let’s not make it more complicated than it needs to be.
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Delivered with zest


Have a taste

Food porn time
Photo credit: Milena Zara


Can I get the bill please

Bill & Coo

On the table:


for one (1) human bean


for two (2) human beans


On the table:

For weight-watcher wallets

Your tummy says GO, your wallet goes NO?

Don’t be shy to apply. We offer a few reduced-price tickets.


Check the FAQ below for more details on our refund policy


Whizz Team

Expelled to earth with tender mischief


CEO & Co-founder


“My belly has always ruled my mind. Now it has extended its empire between my legs. As sex and food blurred my senses and lured my rational mind, challenging my assumptions became an experiential game. Both resonate on a primitive, existential level. Both snatched scraps of the celestial sphere from the everyday. Imperishable mindfucks. I knew deep down that food brings people together but I couldn’t have imagined that close.”



Cook & serves the Feast.

Artist chef who creates food gardens of earthly edible delights, sprawling landscapes of decadence, and everything else in between. Whatever your heart and tummy desire she’s here for it.



Cook & serves the Feast.

Culinary deviant who knows that playing with your food is half the fun. Dreaming up of edible experiences that delight the senses while exploring deeper sensuality, sustainability & the self.


Intimacy wizard

Guides & animates workshops.

Unorthodox breath, body & mind buff. Years of expertise in somatic trauma & meditation, never forgot how to keep learning. Takes playing very seriously.


Smooth blender

& shapeshifts.

Tantric brat. Holds safe space and pays attention to detail. Backs feasters in expressing their true colours. An anchor for letting go and diving deep.


Our Special Sauce

Slow-cooked with impatience

Once your reservation is confirmed, we’ll get right to flirting with your inbox. 

Foreplay, baby!

Artful treats

Peek into our personal treasure trove of poets & artists.

Virtual ice-breaker

Get a taste for each other (without spoiling the surprise!)

Our dick-pics Top 10

Naaah relax, just kidding!


Pop Corn Reviews



They like the way we cook life

Invite us to your table, too


Hurry up,
time is frying


Apply now to become a feaster, too.


Your application in an artichoke

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Book your personal 20 min interview



Alina & Clara, We Feast co-founders

So, wanna sit at our table?


🤯 Questions? 🤯


Yes, nudity is implied in some parts. We’ll be comfortably dressed for the workshops of the day. As we get to know each other, our layers will naturally begin to peel. You will never be forced into anything that doesn’t feel right. That’s our #1 rule.

Let’s get this straight: this is not a free-for-all fuck-fest. It’s a celebration of life and an exploration of the fertile and underestimated fusion of food&sex. We treat sexuality as the integral & empowering ingredient that it is. We open a safe & refined sex-positive space in which anything (consensual) can and nothing has to happen.

Good that you ask! Sexual health is not something anybody should leave up to chance. Luckily, it’s really not that difficult to get it right. All material and information you might need to play and stay safe will be made available to you.

Sexual energy is universal. Humans are awesome when they’re expressing their authentic selves. That’s what we look to. You are welcome regardless of your tags & preferences.

Our menu is designed to be diverse and well-balanced, pleasing vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. We like it fresh and mainly organic. You will be asked to specify dietary/religious restrictions & food allergies once you sign up and we will cater to them.


Imagine you’re a kid, going to summer camp for the first time. The platform is packed. You don’t know anyone. You’re nervous. 

You find yourself chatting in a group of strangers. Soon, it’s time to board the train. Secretly, you’re praying to be sat next to this particular person & away from that one.

After the briefest of interactions, you were drawn to explore some person over others. The alchemy of social cognition.

It’s the key to success in this experience. A huge responsibility. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to rely on pheromones to trust our virtual impressions, but we’ll trust our guts 🙂 More concretely: no need to prepare anything. Just be as authentic as you can.

“What do you think about Trump’s haircut?” & “What do you do?”. JUST KIDDING.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do. How do you do it? What do you love about it and how does it matter for the world? What do you care and are curious about? What tickles your pickle? Do you vibe with our application form? Then you’ll dig your private 20-minute zoom call with the two of us.

Short answer: In principle, abso-fucking-lutely! 

Long answer: You are two self-determined individuals who communicate consciously and are keen to expand your erotic space, as individuals as well as a couple? You will love this opportunity. The boundaries around sexual intimacy with others are for you to draw as a team. No pressure there. You’re territorial about your sexual space and frequently let jealousy get the better of you? Not a good fit. Willing but terrified? Let’s talk. Note: to keep the dynamics nice and fluid, we will limit the number of couples invited. Apply early!

Scenario 1: Welcome to the community! We’d love to feast with you in the future! You won’t have to reapply again.

Scenario 2: we see you, but can’t quite imagine feasting together for now. Alchemy’s a bitch sometimes.

Other stuff

  • Elaborate, live-cooked catering prepared from high-quality ingredients. Lunch, an immersive 3-course dinner menu, brunch as well as snacks and refreshments throughout the day
  • Over 10h of guided workshops by four brilliant facilitators
  • Sleeping accommodation in a shared space
  • Safer Sex materials
  • Surprises!

Life happens, we get it.

Tell you what: we can refund 50% of the full price if you cancel up to 10 days before the event.

Now, if life serves you unexpected twists within the final 10 days leading up to your Feast, fret not! We can set aside 50% of your ticket price to sprinkle onto another feast. Just a heads-up, this option is on the menu as long as we’re cooking up more Feasts. Unfortunately, if our kitchen stays quiet, we can’t carry over your seat and can’t offer this second  option. 

The space is drug-free. Which means bathrooms are for getting stuff out, not in.

If you need to relax or get more pumped, ask the team to show you some good memes.

Let’s get high on our endorphins and [insert your favourite feel-good hormone]. 

The privacy of your personal data and the confidentiality of whatever you share before, during, and after the Feast is a non-negotiable priority. What happens in the Feast stays in the Feast. We will never take or share pictures/videos without your consent.

We don’t take anyone’s health and safety lightly and monitor all developments continuously.

As we won’t be keeping 1.5m distance, we want to do our best to make the space extra safe. We’ll ask you to gently but thoroughly massage your nostrils with a self-test <24h prior to entering the Feast gates.

Yikes! Did we mention we're allergic to bullshit?

"You are becoming my favourite read in my inbox. Do not stop, the world needs this." - M.