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Sweet! Because we are hosting unique and exclusive experiences for carefully selected bold and curious people.

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Secret Location Berlin

  • Sacred sexuality without new-agey gobbledygook  /ˈɡɒb(ə)ldɪˌɡuːk/. Let your body articulate ancient tantric practices, in your own language. 
  • Psychology, hands-on. Explore psychological developments with intellectual peers. We facilitate semi-structured discussions on intimacy, relationships & eudaimonia.
  • Food & Sex, because, duh! Sex and eating are behaviorally and psychologically related and share cortical regions. Master the art of their connection to avoid being enslaved by either. One wets the appetite for the other, don’t you find?
  • Pleasure is not nice, it’s life. Dig-in, surrender to what your senses reveal and nourish your resilience. Our safe space permits it. Our handsome space demands it.
  • Spirit-Spice. Replenish your stock through ecstatic dances, guided meditations & workshops. Bold like sour or sophisticated like umami, our wholesome menu will hit your spots.
  • Curated community. Behold and be held, naked as you come. Enjoy communication that is spirited as air & substantial as earth. Intellectual alchemy is our kind of mind-fuck.
  • Getting off. We’re all about getting into it nice ‘n deep and flirting with coming. No sexual favours here.
  • Trauma-healing. Deep shit might surface. That’s precious and we support your integration process. But we’re not here to poke about in old wounds and manufacture emotion.
  • Filtered flawlessness. You’re beautiful. Warts, fears, extra baggage and all. We’re exclusive, not stupid.
  • Simple solutions and spiritual shortcuts. Paradox is truth. Embrace complexity. Learn. Unlearn. Let’s fuck up, and laugh about it, together.
  • Food fetishism. We do like it wet and a lil messy, but we fantasize about food when we’re hungry, not horny.
  • Gluten-free condoms. We just use the regular kinds. Let’s not make it more complicated than it needs to be.

The kid inside, that is. The part of you that never stopped staring at walls and skipping about. Your inner child knows full well, how much of the time, adults are just being silly. Let them remind you of some of the gazillion ways to find peaceful creative flow through pleasure. Prepare to get your hands dirty.

you inner child will get to

  • dance like a maniac
  • lick their fingers clean (and why stop at fingers?)
  • be feral, ferocious and real fuzzy




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We are hungry for raw authentic connection. For heart beats. For beats. 

Stuffed already? So long.



Clara & Alina, We Feast co-founders

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